The Universe as a Datum Universe

The second law of thermodynamics is one of the most important laws of physics. It originates from thermodynamics and the study of heat engines. There are a number of ways to state the law one of which is "The entropy of the universe increases with time".

What is Entropy?

Entropy can be defined in a number of ways depending on the system, but in general, Entropy is the lack of order i.e. disorder. But what is disorder? Imagine a set of particles of the same size and shape arranged in a straight line. The data content of this system is composed of data about each particle, the number of particles, and the spatial position of any two particles. Now to increase the entropy of this system, we can increase disorder by imagining a strong wind blowing at the line of particles and scattering them all over space. At this point, the data content of the system must contain the position of each individual particle not just the position of any two particles. We effectively increased the data content of this system.

A process of creation

From this simple thought experiment, we can see that increasing disorder or entropy of a system also increases the data content of that system, I am suggesting that we can simply understand entropy as data.
Going back to the second law of thermodynamics, we can restate the law as "The data content of the universe increases with time". we can further restate the law as "Data elements are being created all the time". Now let us model data in terms of the simplest possible structure; as abstract datums and abstract "is" relations, i.e. datumtrons. We can then see that datumtrons are being "created" all the time. This would be the only creational process that we observe in the universe.

Datumtron In-Memory Graph Database API.

A quick tutorial to the Datumtron API. Providing code to query a converted MS-Northwind database and showing a datamining example.

What is the most fundamental element of knowledge?

A brief introduction to the Datum Universe Model which is the theory behind the Datumtron API.