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Datumtronic Knowledge Server


This is no ordinary database server! The “Datumtronic” is a fault-tolerant,and distributed processing, graph knowledge server. It takes advantage of the Datumtron API to represent and process complex data and relations. Optimized for Speed, The Datumtronic is your AI Server. More info and download

Datumtron Natural Language Understanding

Omega NLU

Omega Natural Language Understanding (NLU) product is an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that read documents, understand the knowledge content, then answer questions about the content.
More information about Omega and a use case at a Major Wall Street bank.

Datumtron Prediction and Recommendation Framework

The Gamma Project

The Gamma project provides framework and reference applications that you can use to add Prediction and Recommendation service to your business applications. Stay tuned for demos and downloads.

Datumtron Universal Visualizations

The Datum Universe is a graph of datums that contains thousands, millions or billions of datums and connections. We have developed various visualization abstractions that allows us to view, understand, and interact with the knowledge content in the graph. We continue to innovate and design new visualizations. See the Universal Visualizer in action and Download DUV – a visualizer for the developer.

Powered by Datumtron

Datumtron Sentiment is a sentiment analysis product powered by the Natural Language Understanding technology of Omega.

Resumetron Is a web application that manages your resume online using Artificial intelligence. Resumetron is totally built using Datumtron technology stack.

Datumtron API

Create AI Systems

Graph Database with built in inference. Enables you to manage complex business and AI knowledge. The Datumtron API represents data as a graph of fundamental units called “datums” that are connected by a single fundamental relation called “is”. Any higher-level data structures or relations are constructed out of these fundamental elements. More info and download

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