The Datum Universe Compared

The Datum Universe compared to Relational Table and Entity Attribute Value (EAV).

The Datum Universe can be seen as an abstraction of the relational table and the entity attribute value or RDF models as shown in the following illustration. However, it is best viewed as a graph of datums.

Table Representation

Color Taste
Apple Red Sweet
Mango Green Sweet

  • Hard coded concepts: Table, Column, and Field (the value in a given row and column).

  • The unit is a row which is a list of fields.

  • Advantages: Provide natural visualization of large sets of similar data.

Entity Attribute Value Model

Entity Attribute Value
Apple Color Red
Apple Taste Sweet
Mango Color Green
Mango Taste Sweet

  • Hard coded concepts: Entity, Attribute, and Value.

  • The unit is a triple.

  • Advantages :

    1. The scheme is flexible, we can add more attributes.
    2. If we have many columns and only a few that have values, then this is more memory efficient than tables.
    3. We can query attributes. For example, “What are the attributes that have the same values for 80% of the entities?”

Datum Universe Representation

Value Class
Red Color
Apple Red
Sweet Taste
Apple Sweet
Green Color
Mango Green
Mango Sweet

  • Hard coded concepts:Value and Class

  • The unit is a pair.

  • Advantages :

    1. Same as Entity Attribute Value with maximum flexibility.
    2. Built-in inheritance / generalization.
    3. Built-in induction process.
    4. Can be studied with mathematical tools like Graph Theory.

Datumtron In-Memory Graph Database API.

A quick tutorial to the Datumtron API. Providing code to query a converted MS-Northwind database and showing a datamining example.

What is the most fundamental element of knowledge?

A brief introduction to the Datum Universe Model which is the theory behind the Datumtron API.