Datumtron - Omega

Omega SOW Product and Demo

Omega SOW is an application of Omega AI to the AML Compliance problem of the Source of Wealth identification.

The Omega SOW Product reads hundreds of thousands to millions of KYC notes written by financial advisors and answers a set of questions about SOW to satisfy compliance AML requirements.

Omega answers two main challenges of applying AI within the regulatory domain: very high level of accuracy and explainability of its decisions. Also, Omega is able to meet these additional challenges:

  • Notes are written in a “casual” business language. A financial advisor, who has a client on the phone, will try to quickly capture as much information as possible. This means that there are many abbreviations, many errors (in spelling and in grammar)
  • In some cases, information is entered in points and not in continuous sentences.
  • In many cases, notes are vague and even a human who is not specialized will have difficulty understanding the note.
  • SOW questions are interdependent. The first question in the demo must be answered correctly, in order to answer all the following questions correctly.

In the demo below, you can select an example note then click the “Ω Answer” button to have Omega read, understand, and answer pertinent SOW KYC questions in real time. A ½ second delay between questions is introduced to improve readability. You can change any note, and click the “Ω Answer” again.

Omega AI provides solutions to Wall Street to satisfy regulatory compliance KYC requirements.

Sample Notes:

With Omega SOW, there is no need to clean the notes. This demo purposefully include errors to simulate real life note errors.
All names, account numbers, and other content are fictional and created to simulate actual SOW note styles.